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Waaaaaah! I am back! After a 3-month long hiatus. As per usual, I've been busy with a lot of things, especially at work, where I spend most of my time on a daily basis. Imagine getting to work at 8 am in the morning and getting off at 8pm or so. Yeah, it's exhausting but I enjoy what I do so there's that.
As some of you may know, no, scratch that, everyone knows that Coldplay is coming to Manila next year and I'm so psycheeeeeddddd about that. I've been waiting for this since I became a fan, way back 2008 or 2009. And NOOOOOWWWWW, they will come here! Ahhhhh. The excitement is so... ughhhhh. You get what I mean? So yeah, can't wait to see the band next year. :)



Follow Me by David Platt


Now, I'm working on my stripped down post for this blog, where I will share the things that's been happening with my life, things that are giving me the emotional roller coaster this past few months. I want to tell you guys the things that's occupying my head for a numerous number of times daily. Haha Too formal. You'll know what's been going on with my life this past months and what nots.  I will pour my heart out and tell you guys everything. Anyways, that post will be up in a few days so stay tuned.


PARADISE (Coldplay, A Head Full of Dreams) on loop since this afternoon.

This song is giving me all the feels right now. It's been giving me good vibes and perking up my mood lately. But then of course, what ever you are feeling, Coldplay has a perfect song for you.


about what December has in store for me. Now that November is coming to an end, I'm looking forward for more adventures before the year 2016 ends. I've been thinking to go on cafe-hopping/museum-hopping/bookstore-hopping with this guy, a good friend of mine. He just gets me. We obvs have the same taste in books, movies, intellectual needs and every minor thing that's going on inside our head. He's more of like my intellectual soulmate. 


I'm catching up on How To Get Away With Murder Season 3, the 9th episode was their winter finale and they will be back on January 2017. I already finished the 9 episodes tho, I just wanted to watch it again and check if I missed anything important from the series' previous episodes. Haha. You know, this show has a lot of twists and turns that if you blink  your eyes, you might miss something pivotal to the show. 


for April to come fast! I just can't wait for Coldplay to come here and see them perform live!


for my superiors to approve my 4 - day leave on December. I will be going to Baguio this December 26-29 to attend the iDisciple Camp with my church mates.


My church clothes, too lazyyyyyy to change. Haha


the book (Follow Me) I'm reading now. It's about discipleship which is the primary concern in our church right now. I'm halfway through the book and I already learned so many things about being fishers of men. It's feeding off my spiritual needs and I'm still craving for more. Can't wait to finish the book!


to eat burgers with fries in the Burger Lab located in MOA. Ever since I saw their ad on FB, I've been wanting to visit the store and make my own burger!


to get some time off. The only day off I have is Sunday, which is obvs always well spent! But still, I feel like I need to have a 3 day or more rest days this coming week. I don't want to get exhausted of work and I don't want to have the feeling of not wanting to go to work this Monday.


an emotional roller coaster because of things that happened this past week. The feeling of being jubilant, sappy and disappointed all at the same time. Will try to get back on track and back to the ecstatic mood I've gotten ever since the announcement of the Coldplay concert next year!

Have a great week ahead!
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