Weekend Getaway: Villa Concepcion Wet Wild Waves Resort

During the Holy Week, people usually find this the perfect time to go out of town with their families and relatives. Enjoying each other's company while remembering what Jesus did on the cross. Obviously, we grabbed this chance to go out of town and go swimming. The original plan was to go to Amana Waterpark Resort in Pandi, Bulacan. When we got there at around 10 o' clock in the morning, the place was already packed with a lot of people and no other cottages are available. It was really a bad timing to go during this time of the week, it's Saturday and people will surely have the same plan and thinking to go swimming because of the hot weather. After we talked to the management if they can offer us the most expensive room (for the sake of staying there at Amana) but with no luck, the rooms were really sold out.

We decided to go around the area and see if we can find a private resort or hotel where we can stay and rent just for the day. We also checked if there are any available rooms at Sitio Antonio Resort just beside the Amana Waterpark, but they are also fully booked.

Upon circling around the block, we found Villa Concepcion Resort just a few meters away from Amana and Sitio Antonio Resort. My parents went to the information and ask if they have any available rooms or cottages. When the staff told them they have a few cottages available, they immediately pay the fees and they escorted us to our cottage. To our surprise, it was a tree house. It's huge and I think it would fit 20 - 25 persons. We finally settled to our tree house and prepare our food and stuff.

The place was huge. It has three divisions, the main area, annex A and annex B. We stayed at Annex B.

Guest Experience: 9/10

                To sum up our whole experience, we really enjoyed our stay at Villa Concepcion Resort. We will definitely go back and check the other parts of the resort. Even though we went there a little late, and spent just a few hours but the highlight of our stay was the Wave pool. We really enjoyed swimming and taking pictures at the pool. The staff were really nice and accommodating.

Value For Moolah: 8/10

           The rates were affordable if you'll go there as a walk-in. They
also accept reservations for events and other activities like team buildings and company parties. They also offer 5% discount for 50 pax or more. 

Brick and Mortar: 8.5/10

            The resort was breathtakingly beautiful. The whole place was Though some parts of the resort were under construction and renovation. The caretakers still manage to keep the place clean and beautiful. The place was a little crowded, maybe because number of visitors who went that day were doubled. The best parts in Annex B are the fun rides and the ostrich house.

About Villa Concepcion Wet and Wild Waves Resort

Villa Concepcion Wet & Wild Waves, Inc. is the country’s newest state-of-the-art wave pool resort. Nestled in Masuso, Pandi, Bulacan, this beautifully-landscaped and skillfully-designed haven is truly a paradise. If you want to avoid the crowded areas especially during the hot summer season, Villa Concepcion Wet & Wild Waves, Inc. is definitely your choice. Its 2,000 square-meter wave pool (which can accommodate more than 1,000 people comfortably) is a masterpiece on its own, truly a perfect creation to capture the breathtaking beauty of the beach.







Address: Masuso, Pandi, Bulacan
Landline: (02) 546-9701, (044) 664-6182,
Cellphone : (0917) 892-6485
Email: villa_concepcion@yahoo.com
Website: www.villaconcepcion.site90.com

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