Things that are Calming

Do you need some quick and effective ways to calm down?

Do you sometimes feel that you add items to your to-do list faster than you tick them off?

Do you spend most of your day worrying about your lack of time?

The truth is, I usually find myself being in that situation, no matter how much I love my job,
there's always a moment in my life when the pressure rises above its boiling point.

Whenever I feel the need to relax and calm myself down I always listen to the following:

A. Rainfall / raindrop sounds

I don't know why but I always find the rain so soothing and relaxing. I'm a certified pluviophile. During rainy days, I love staying indoors while reading a book or watching a movie, sipping a hot coffee and all cuddled up on my bed. There's a free app in iTunes called RainSounds. It has natural raining sounds & rainy ambiance to help relax, aid sleep & focus.



B. Sound of relaxing ocean waves

I also love having these apps (Sleepmaker Waves and Ocean Wave Sounds) on as background when I'm studying or reading  before bed or just in general. Great for creating a natural atmosphere for deep sleep, meditation, or relaxation.



C. Cafe / Coffeehouse Environment Noises

I also have Coffitivity on my phone and I love listening to it when I study or working. I prefer to have a little background noise rather than being in a quiet ambiance when I'm working, it boost my ability to focus and help me work better.

Credits: Brice Ferre Studio




D. Instrumental Piano Music

Or when I feel the need to relax and restrict myself from social media, I listen to this play list on Spotify. I find it very relaxing and it helps me collect my thoughts and remove all the unnecessary thoughts and stresses away.



E. Long Baths

This is my most favorite thing to do whenever I want to relax, it usually lasts for about an hour or so. I always have my long baths at night and contemplate about life. I find it very peaceful and it helps me restore serenity and tranquility.

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