The Sunday Currently 11


       I'm still on the "The Best Thing I Never Had by Erin Lawless". I haven't got the chance to pick up and finish this book because I've been busy with my PR girl duties and what nots. I'll try to squeeze in some reading time this week, if the schedule permits.

        the blog draft for our weekend getaway at the Villa Concepcion in Pandi, Bulacan. Plus a few blog posts. Sometimes I am in a good mood to write and right now is one of those times. Also writing? my things to accomplish for this week. A few work - related things and my lesson plans for our upcoming Vacation Bible School. We started prepping for the room decors today and it will continue all throughout the week.

          to Troye Sivan's Blue Neighborhood album. I'm loving the vibes I'm getting when I'm listening to his songs. My current fave from his album is the song "Youth". Been on repeat for a while now. 

            about what decorations to put in my VBS classroom and some unique ideas that's suitable for 10 + children. Also thinking? about our upcoming Baguio Trip this April 20 - 23 and our Church Family Camp on April 29 to May 1. I need to prep the things I'm going to pack for those trips and plan a few coordinated outfits.


           the newly lit candle in our room. I'm loving the fruity floral scent of the burning candle. I think I'll start doing this on a daily basis. It helps me relax and calm my nerves. Plus the hot coffee on my desk.

          for a beach getaway or a 3 - day road trip with friends. I badly need some time off with friends. I want to spend some time off with friends and talk about life and enjoy each other's company.

           that tomorrow is going to be an okay day. I have a few places that I need to go to run some errands.

           a pug pink sweatshirt, black leggings and a black - gray combo sneaks for my shoes. That's what I wore in our Easter Sunday Service. I usually wear a dress or a dressy outfit every Sunday but the service was moved to 5 am instead of 9 am and it's a bit cold in the early morning so I opted for a sweatshirt and leggings combo.

          my new A5 planner Wo2p inserts from Pen Gems. I'm currently loving the Wo2p setup for my planner, I think I'll keep this setup for the long haul. Also loving? Troye Sivan, the coffitivity app that helps me focus on everything, new phone case, Snapchat and Awkward episode reruns. 


           to be more productive than I am now, I need to get a grip of myself and pull my lazy bum and start doing more productive things and stop procrastinating.


            new inspirations for workouts. I also need to update my running playlist. 

            a little panicky with all the things on my plate right now. A mix of anticipation and horror.

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