The Sunday Currently 10



          I've been behind with my readings this week. Been busy with personal and church stuff. I promised myself to catch up on reading but TV's holding me back. Haha. I just started watching the TV series "Awkward" and it's been eating all of my free time. It's bad.


         This Sunday Currently vol.10! I am also going to write a few drafts to catch up on my blogging schedule. I know I'm going to be a bit busy this coming week so a few scheduled posts would suffice.


          to Oh Wonder. Can't shake the slow-grooving indie pop vibes off of my system. Ha! Anyways, been loving these kind of songs lately.


          about getting something to eat. Been having massive cravings for "Halo - halo" and loads of ice cream.

           Nothing. Again. Not a surprise. Haha!


            to be at the beach right now. The AC's been working double, non-stop to keep us cool throughout the day. The weather is so hot and a quick dip will be a good idea. But I know I won't be doing that anytime soon, not until the first week of April maybe a long cold shower would be enough, for now.


         for a fun - filled summer getaway with the family and friends. Yaaaaay!

            my scrubs. Our Church partnered with the A Cross Ministry and conducted a Medical Mission from 8 am til 3 pm. Been assisting the Medical Doctors all morning til mid-afternoon is pretty exhausting yet fulfilling. I think I need to change into my jammies and get some rest.


          the TV series AWKWARD. I am currently on Season 3 and been catching up on past episodes since Wednesday. I freakin' love this show. Ugh. Also loving? Beau Mirchoff who plays Matty McKibben in Awkward. He's so gorgeous and ahh-mazing. *melting*

           to start with my own travel scrapbook like in Amy's & Roger's Epic Detour. To fill it with happy memories and crazy adventures. Can't wait to say yes for more epic shenanigans!

         an extra time to finish the remaining episodes of Awkward (to start on new shows, haha).
Also needing? to find the time to film and edit videos. Been wanting to that since forever.


         happy that I’ll get to be at leisure this week. I badly need this time off because I will be having a jam - packed schedule for work and church stuff for the following weeks.

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