The Sunday Currently 09



     I'm currently reading two books at the moment, Crazy Love by Francis Chan (our discipleship book read) and The Best Thing I Never Had by Erin Lawless. I'm quite busy right now so I wasn't able to keep up with my readings. But will get back to reading if I got the time.


       some to dos for this week, writing some edits for my CV and a few PR ideas for the etsy sticker shops I'm affiliated with. Also writing? estimated budget and expenses for our trips this year. As of now, I have 3 major trips planned. Subic and Baguio this Summer and Davao for August. Can't wait!


          to Drive by Oh Wonder. This track has been on repeat these past week.


          whether I should go and take the job as reliever for this Holy Week. Hmm. Work or rest? Also thinking? my PR package from US. Can't wait for it to arrive!

            Nothing. Surprisingly, I never had a good answer for this one since I started this series. Haha


           for Summer to come sooner. The weather here in Manila is getting hotter and I can't wait to go swimming and hit the beach.


           to have a place on my own. Ever since I graduated and started working, I've always wondered the feeling of living alone. I know nothing compares with the comfort of your own home but still, it feels different living on your own. Hoping to cross that one off my list* sooner rather than later.

             my church outfit.


          my "adult" life right now, little by little I'm able to tick off a few things I want to do (on my own) from my 30 before 30 list*, Oh, the feeling of accomplishment. Can't wait for more adventures!

              to go hiking or mountain climbing. I want to explore the beauty of the mountain summits here in the Philippines. Ever since I read an article about hiking and its benefits, I was encouraged to try the life - changing experience myself.

               to work on some papers and requirements for work.


           accomplished, fulfilled and more than grateful with all that's happening in my life right now. Thank you Lord for everything!

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