The Sunday Currently 08

       CRAZY LOVE (Overwhelmed by a Relentless GOD) by Francis Chan. This is the book that we are discussing in our discipleship group.

        my agendas for this week, work-wise and personal life-wise. Also writing? supposedly a draft for my Hematology revisions, I guess I can continue that later.

          to my March Playlist. Recently, I've been loving slow-grooving indie pop songs. Fell in love with Oh Wonder's self-titled album. 

          of what would be the results of the new creative team that I applied for. I'm so excited for the announcement. Also thinking? of new designs for the printables I want to make.

         the hot coffee on my table and also my newly changed pillowcases.

          to follow and keep up with my blogging schedule. I made an outline of the blog topics I want to write the other night, surprisingly I wrote a lot of ideas about varied topics and my current goal is to write 3 - 4 blog posts per week and I think I'm covered until June. That's good a thing, right?

         to get a part in the creative team that I applied for. I really want to be a part of it. Also hoping? for smooth month ahead.

         my PJs. I'm on my bed right now, ready to sleep as I write this post. I can't believe it, I forgot to do this entry earlier this day. Haha

          the routine I have going on in my life right now and also the blessings that God has given me. Things are going great and according to my plan and schedule. Also loving? the opportunity to meet new people and start working with them.

           to get a massage to remove all the tensions I have on my shoulders and lower back and also to spend some much-needed me time.

            to update my computer, transfer files from Dropbox and sync the files on my phone. Also needing? to download all the Med. Tech. ebooks from GDrive and print all the essential topics needed in a routine laboratory.

            excited for things the new month... the thought of a fresh start—new beginnings and opportunities—it's so exciting and comforting at the same time. 

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