Careers Considered ( other than being a MLS/CLS )

This time last year, I passed the National Board Examination for Medical Technologists. I've finally accomplished my dream and got the last three letters after my name. I became a Registered Medical Technologist also referred to as Medical Laboratory Science or Clinical Laboratory Science, after four years of hardship in college.

BS in Medical Technology was my second choice for my pre - med course and I must admit it wasn't the easiest pre - med program. It will really take your guts and hard work to finish this course. They say that it's the best preparatory course for Medicine. Med. Tech. subjects would help you a lot during your 1st and 2nd years in medicine. A good choice indeed.

Right now, I enjoy working as a Medical Technologist in a free standing laboratory but if God permits I'm still planning to pursue medicine in the future.

Going back to my first year in college, these are the courses I considered taking before;


This was my first choice to serve as my pre - medicine course. Unfortunately, the pharmacy program was not offered in the university I was accepted in. Pharmacy was a clear choice before because I've always loved doing laboratory works and conduct experiments.


This was my third choice before. Either BS Psych or AB Psych. I've always been fascinated with how the human mind works and also with human behavior. During my first year in college, General Psychology was included in the Medical Technology curriculum and I really love and enjoyed my classes. Clearly, healthcare was my first choice career.

MEDICAL DOCTOR ( since childhood )

I've always dreamed working as a doctor, diagnosing and treating other people's sickness. In my opinion, being a doctor is a fulfilling and rewarding career for me, helping the patients with all their might and giving them the best treatment they could offer. I still think that medicine is the right path for me.

LAWYER ( just recently )

I don't know when I started considering this. Maybe when I started watching the TV series, How to Get Away with Murder and a few episodes of Law and Order. I've always been fascinated with crimes, murders, different cases ( not that I'm a psychotic or what). I'm amazed on how the lawyers defend their clients, guilty or not, they still win the cases. The way they investigate and reveal truths from the evidences they gathered, it's pretty amazing and mind - blowing.

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