The Sunday Currently | 05

Happy heart's day everyone!
I started the day by attending the worship service this morning, had lunch with the family and strolled around the mall for a while and then went home to attend the youth service. It was a day well spent, though I don't have that "special someone" to spend it with just yet, I'm so grateful to have the chance to spend the heart's day with my family and church friends.


My Heart and other Black Holes.
I just started reading this suicide-themed book last night and so far so good. (Not in a way that I am pro-suicide, okay?) The story revolves around a girl named Aysel who's obsessed plotting her own death. She’s terrified that she will turn out to be a monster like her father, who killed a local teen.

my to dos for this coming week

my February track list.

 a lot about the future lately. There's a lot on the docket for 2016, and I can't wait to share the journey here.

nothing. haha. maybe the air in my room.

to stop being lazy (sometimes!) I have a lot I want to accomplish this week.

to get everything accomplished on the list I'm forming in my head. I need to put pen to paper, because then it will be even more likely to get done.

my church clothes. Little black dress + Plaid Flannel + Adidas Superstar combo.

this day so far, the time I spent with my family 

to go to any Muji branch to buy stationery stuff.

new stationeries!

Happy, blessed and contented with all the things that are happening in my life ♥

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