Weekend Getaway: Sitio Antonio Wave Pool Resort

Last February 13, 2016, our school celebrated its 13th year anniversary. We held the family day at Sitio Antonio Wave pool Resort in Pandi, Bulacan. Students together with their families enjoyed a day full of games, raffles and fun activities.

We arrived a little after 9 am at the resort. The resort is pretty easy to find, just a few steps away from Amana Waterpark Resort, though the location is pretty far from the main road. 

The whole resort was reserved almost exclusively for us, a few walk-ins came in, just two other families with 5 - 7 members each. We had the whole place to ourselves. It was awesome!

Executive Suites

Large activity area, ideal for team building

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Executive Suites


There are 4 pools all in all, including the wave pool (where most of the kids stayed), 7 ft. pool area, 5 ft. pool area and the kid's pool.

7 ft pool (where I spent most of my time swimming alone)

5 ft. Pool Area

Kid's Pool

Main Pool Area / Wave pool

As for the cottages, they offer a huge variety of huts and rooms to choose from. We rented a suite to keep our valuable things inside while we are busy doing activities and swimming in the pools.

Antonio's Room

Double-deck Bed

Queen-sized Bed

Anahaw Cottages

Changing rooms / Comfort Rooms

Nipa Cottages

Activity area where we held our school program

Obstacle Course

Wall Climbing and Zip line Area:


Lunch Time!

Function Room

Parking Area

Guest Experience: 9.5/10

          We really enjoyed our stay there. The staff were really nice and very accommodating. We loved the wave pool, it's like a raging river, very unique and a one of a kind experience. Not your ordinary wave pool. We had a great time swimming and taking pictures.

Value For Moolah: 8.5/10

           The rates were affordable if you'll go there as a walk-in. They also accept reservations for events and other activities. If you're planning to use their other amenities, they offer various packages to choose from. 

Brick and Mortar: 9/10

            The resort was breathtakingly beautiful. They are best known for their huge replica of Lolong in the middle of their wave pool. They also have a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex in front and a replica of the Ice Age creatures. Though some parts of the resort were under construction and renovation. The caretakers still manage to keep the place clean and beautiful. 


About Sitio Antonio Wave pool Resort

Our resort, which just recently opened in May, offers the best location and amenities for team building and any social events. We are best-known for our Lolong Wave Pool that mimics a raging river on one side and a wave-dominated beach on the other. In addition, we also have over Pinoy-inspired cottages that give you relaxed and home-y feeling. We also have a function room, restaurant, and outside socials area.


Day Swimming (8AM-5PM) 
Adult (4ft above) - P200.00
Kid (4ft below) - P180.00
Senior Citizen (w/ ID) - P160.00

Night Swimming (6AM-2AM)
Adult (4ft above) - P220.00
Kid (4ft below) - P200.00
Senior Citizen (w/ ID) - P180.00

Whole Day (8AM-10PM)
Adult (4ft above) - P300.00
Kid (4ft below) - P230.00
Senior Citizen (w/ ID) - P200.00


Anahaw (10 guests sharing) - P700.00
Pawid (12 guests sharing) - P700.00
Nipa (20 guests sharing) - P1,500.00
Floating Nipa (15 guests sharing) - P1,500.00


Sitio Suites 
Day tour (8AM-5PM) - P1,800
12 hours accommodation - P2,500
22 hours accommodation - P3,200

Antonio's Room
Day tour (8AM-5PM) - P2,500
12 hours accommodation - P3,200
22 hours accomodation - P4,000

For more information:

Email: sitioantonio@yahoo.com
Contact numbers : 0933-245-2292/ 0908-879-6910 
Website: sitioantoniowavepoolresort.ph
Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/sitio.antonio
Instagram: @sitioantoniowavepoolresort


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