MOLESKINE: Starbucks Planner 2016

Hi guys!

As some of you may know (if you're following me on IG: @planwithyssa) I am a huge planner junkie and I've been using planners to organize my to dos and what not since high school. #PlannerAddict

Few years back, the planner that I've been using is the Belle De Jour Planner. I am a proud Bella (once a Bella, always a Bella), but this time I opt for a more minimalist type of planner to use in organizing my work and personal stuff.

I have two other planners, ringed planners to be specific, one from Planners and Journals and the other one is from National Bookstore.

I could talk about planners all day but right now I will only be talking about my main planner, Starbucks Planner 2016 by Moleskine.

Credits: StarbucksPH

This year is a bit more special because Starbucks Philippines collaborated with Moleskine to bring us their most awaited, coveted, limited edition planner.

There are two different sizes available, the large weekly planner which comes in white and green while the pocket size version comes in black and red.

It looks exactly like a classic Moleskine notebook with its textured hard cover, rounded corners and an elastic page-holder.

The pages are thread bound and allows the notebook to lay perfectly flat for easy writing. It has a bookmark ribbon and an expandable back pocket.


Year at a Glance 
Special Dates and Holidays

Below, you will see how I decorate my planner in Monthly and Weekly Views.

Monthly View

Weekly View

It also features a dotted pages section that you can use for taking notes, practicing calligraphy skills or whatever it is you want. It's made of acid-free paper which doesn't easily deteriorate over time.

Grid Notes Section

Moleskine User Guide, Bookmark, Vouchers

Overall, I love adore the Starbucks Planner by Moleskine. It's just the right size to fit my planner bag yet provides enough writing space for planning. The layout is very minimalist in a classy kind of way.

Kudos to Starbucks Philippines for collaborating with Moleskine this year. ☺

What planner/planners are you using this 2016?
Share yours in the comments below. ♥

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