To be grateful: Simply because there are lots of things to be grateful for.

To be strong: Because there are too many struggles that I'd have to overcome and need the courage to stand still.

To not give too much of myself: I gave too much of myself to other people, I deserve greater things, I know I deserve more.

To forgive myself for the "thing" I'm still holding onto: The longer I held onto that same "thing", the longer I am keeping myself miserable, hurt and sad. And I need to forgive myself for that. 

To learn how to (finally) let go: I realized that things happen for a reason. There are people we need to cut out of our lives (even though they meant the world to you) not because you need to, but you have to, to make way for new people that's coming. 

To appreciate: There are tons of people who showered me with their love this past year and I failed to appreciate their efforts and kindness. Sobrang naappreciate ko lahat ng mga bagay na ginawa ninyo para sakin.

To fight my battle fittingly: Because of my ups and downs, and the people who betrayed me. I don't want to fight all the time, but this has become my boost to not let my guard down and not give up.

To choose who to trust: There are lots of people who will show their true colors as time goes by, eventually, they will try to bring you down. But I did not let them win, I learned to be cautious, thanks to them.

To endure sickness: Even though I don't feel well, I still have to go to work and fulfill my duties as a MedTech. Kahit na sobrang sama o bigat ng pakiramdam mo, kahit pa sobrang taas na ng lagnat mo, kailangan mo pa din pumasok para sa pasyente. #ParaSaPasyente

To learn to say "NO": There are times that you have to say NO not because you really don't want to but you have to. May mga bagay na dapat hindian at may mga bagay na dapat oo-han. You just need to learn the pros and cons of the decision you have to make and it should always be for the GOOD benefit of others and especially yours.

To learn how to love what you can't change: I have a lot of things in my life that I can't possibly change even if I want to. I just have to accept the fact that it happened and keep moving forward. Lagi mong iisipin na may plano ang Diyos para sa iyo. You just have to believe and trust His timing.

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