To The Girl Who Replaced Me

I’m pretty sure you do know me, or maybe somehow he mentioned me to you, who I am in his life before you met him. But there’s also a huge possibility that you don’t have any idea that I exist, the girl who previously hold his heart, the one he used to love.
Again, hello.
As I write this, maybe you’re off to dreamland already, with a smile on your face because you spent the whole day with him. How lovely. How sweet. How painful. How excruciating.
I hope to sleep soundly just like what you are doing right now. I hope that I was in your shoes right now. I hope that I was still the one who brags about him– how he send me sweet messages every single minute, how he sings to me whenever he feel like it. How he kisses my forehead every time he catches me looking at him. How he laughs at my jokes and deliver his own that would send me laughing nonstop. How he likes, no, loves to be hugged from the back.
I hope I can be you at this very moment.
You see, I’m obviously jealous, though I’m not entitled to feel this jealousy anymore. Obviously, he’s now yours.
Every little detail about him, his beauty, his wit, his good heart is now yours.
You are one blessed lady. He’s a man full of secrets, and in every layer of his looks, his words, lies different meanings. You are so blessed to have him.
So please, for you– for his new love, the one who holds his heart now, I have a few words, reminders I must say..
Please make him smile every second, every minute, every moment of the day. Please do it often.
He always overthinks, so you need to assure him every single moment of the things he’s unsure of, especially with your feelings. You need to assure him of your feelings. You need to tell him that you love him, that you care for him every single minute of the day. You should always hug him, hold his hand or just be there for him, that’s the only assurance that he needs.
Be gentle with your words and be cautious of his moods. You have to understand him, understand his mood swings.
Let him know what you feel, you need to tell him what you think he’s not fond of guessing. You also need to know what’s his, by his actions, you can tell if he’s not in the mood, if he’s mad or anything, like what I said before, you need to be cautious of his moods.
He’s great at listening and then tell his opinions, his thoughts afterwards. So let him know about your feelings and know his, for he is a man full of mystery, be brave to ask (wag ka lang makiramdam). And help him cope if he has problems.
He loves music obviously. Whenever he feels sad, happy or neutral (most of the time) he plays the guitar. Listen to his voice. Listen to his heart.
Make him smile, ALWAYS. He is beautiful when he’s smiling. With that dimples? Who wouldn’t fall for that?
Things might have not worked out for us but he remains to be special to me in a different way with how special he is to you. So please take care of the person who was once mine because he taught me a lot of things. He was always available when I needed him, made me laugh, protected me, took care of me and filled me love and happiness.
And PLEASE love him, the way he deserves to be loved. This is the most important thing. I am not saying that my love for him is greater than yours but I only want you to love him just like the way I did before (or even greater than to what I did). Maybe, he looks strong in the surface but actually, he’s delicate. Don’t break his heart because I know how much pain there is in seeing him broken. He came from a heartbreak before you, so please don’t break his heart. He has a great soul. Do not waste your precious chance to stay with him. I love him (that will never change). Do not break my heart by breaking his.
For I am willing to do whatever it takes, and I mean anything just to have him back.

- A

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