The Sunday Currently 03

Woke up to a chilly Sunday morning. You can now feel the Christmas breeze. I haven’t gotten enough sleep last night because we came home from Makati Med at around 2 am in the morning. And we need to wake up for church at 9 am.

Anw, I am now chilling here inside the hospital room of my uncle, listening to Spotify and writing the volume 3 of my TSC series.


READING….. articles about the terrorist attack in Paris. Let’s all pray for Paris and the whole world.

WRITING….. my agenda for the week.

LISTENING….. to I’m not the only one by Sam Smith.

THINKING….. of what to do on November 18-22. No duty because of the APEC.

SMELLING….. the hospital breeze. I’m at the Makati Med right now, visiting my uncle.

WISHING…. for a good long rest. I just need it badly. With all the workload (documentations for ISO) I’ve been getting these past few days, I seriously need a good rest.

HOPING….. for a smooth day tomorrow at the clinic. Also hoping? for a great week ahead.

WEARING….. A plain gray v-neck shirt, light washed jean and a black sneaker.

LOVING….. my new Dong-A pens. It comes with different colors. I can now color code my agendas. *woot woot*

WANTING….. for my hair to grow fast.

NEEDING….. a new hair color. Also needing? A new planner.

FEELING….. neutral. Not to happy, not too sad. Just neutral.

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