The Sunday Currently 02

Quick post..

READING….. articles from Thought Catalog (opened in a separate tab) as I write this entry.
WRITING….. my lists for week one. It’s the November List from Paper Love story blog. You will make a list of various topics everyday all throughout November.
LISTENING….. to the mix I made, Songs to listen on repeat.
THINKING….. of what planner to get for 2016.
SMELLING….. my perfume from my wrist. HAHA So addictive.
WISHING…. for a new camera, a replacement for my Canon Ixus point and shoot cam.
HOPING….. for a long break. I need to get some rest.
WEARING….. a floral dress, paired with a white sandals.
LOVING….. my phone case. Been using the Iron Man case I got from Clipper, for weeks now.
WANTING….. SLEEP. Or to travel. I need some breather.
NEEDING….. new cargo pants to pair with my scrubs for work.
FEELING….. Meh. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. But one thing I’m sure of, it’s not a good one.

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