I'd Rather

Credits: Open Letters That Matter

This quote/paragraph/saying/thought/wordings (whatever you wanna call it), pretty much sums up all my feels right now. I don’t know why but these past few days, I’m filled with thoughts and emotions that drives me to write and express my feelings through words and letters.

But just like what the paragraph said.. “ I would rather spill my coffee on myself than write about you…” And I’m very positive that it would burn less. I want my writings to be full of happiness and feelings of great joy not with anger and bitterness from the past.

I wanted to write, express my thoughts through writings but I don’t want it to be about heartaches, bad experiences and brokenness.
I don’t want to write anything about you anymore..

Because whenever I do that, whenever I write about you, I just feel sad, disappointed and broken, just like what I’m feeling right now.

That is why, “ I’d rather spill my coffee on myself than write about you, because that would burn less. ”

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