35 Random Facts About Me

1) I love taking pictures of all kinds of things, nature, food and of course, myself.
2) I love spicy foods.
3) I love reading books, especially novels written by John Green or Sarah Dessen.
4) I’m DEFINITELY not a morning person.
5) I am an outgoing introvert.
6) I don’t drink or smoke. Ever. (and never will)
7) I love coffee, I can’t go on a day without drinking coffee. It acts like a fuel on my body or something.
8) I love going to theme parks. But I seldom ride on the extreme ones. I just love being in a place like that. It feels magical.
9) I don’t eat mushrooms, drink tea (hot tea to be specific) and hates olives.
10) I am an overly emotional person. A crybaby.
11) Huge fan of The Script, Coldplay and Maroon 5.
12) I friggin’ hate clowns.
13) I can’t leave home without my earphones, phones and watch.
14) Fave chocolate ever = Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Fave candy ever = Gummy bears
15) I love anything coffee-flavored.
16) I love cabbage patch dolls!
17) When I’m in a bad mood, I sometimes distance myself. To avoid unnecessary things that I might say that can spark any argument.
18) I have a lot of regrets, what ifs and maybes in life.
19) I am a very frank person.
20) I am one of those few people who’s not attracted to Brad pitt or Ansel Elgort or even Josh Hutcherson.
21) I am always active at night. I’m at my peak during night time.
22) Certified pluviophile. I love listening to the sounds of raindrops. I find it calming.
23) Necklaces are my favorite piece of jewelry.
24) I’m a nice person until you piss me off.
25) I love taking long showers in the morning or at night. It helps me clear my mind and I mostly make my decisions in the bath.
26) I can’t stand people who lack basic manners, like saying thank you, excuse me or sorry.
27) I have a serious case of mood swings ever. One moment I’m all cheerful and funny and then suddenly I’ll be depressed or something. So weird.
28) I love spending time alone but I hate being left out.
29) I love to write. Whenever I’m full of emotions, I write. Whenever I’m happy or sad, I write.
30) I’m an avid fan of HIMYM and HTGAWM. And also, I’m starting to love Scream Queens.
31) My kind of date is playing laser tag, museum hopping and going to theme parks, anything like that.
32) I’m not a “netflix and chill” kind of girl.
33) I’d prefer sneakers over heels any day. Except for special occasions.
34) I love collecting ball pens, stationeries and any planner related thingys.
34) I hate cats but I love garfield. Oh, the irony.
35) I love spontaneous road trips.

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