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Oh, Hi there! Erm, I know I've been MIA from my blog recently, completely unintentionally. I haven't produced anything like as much content as I'd hope to, due to the interference of what can be best described as "Med Tech duties".

I've been writing various drafts for the past weeks about the topics that I want to feature here on my blog. Also, I've been communicating with other start - up companies and online groups for a possible partnership with them and see what will happen next.

In case you're wondering, here's a list of all the things that happened in my life lately:


        I am now working in a free standing laboratory, Gold MediCheck Inc. as a Medical Technologist. So far, I'm loving the workplace and the work load is manageable (for now, I guess). I've met a lot of new friends and acquaintances and I'm hoping to build a strong bond with them.


        I created this blog two years ago to serve as a creative outlet for all my rants and ramblings in life (not minding whether there will be readers or not) and I never thought that my readership will continue to grow over time. As the time goes by, I managed to create a layout that I think will suit my blog the best but I'm still not satisfied. I tried to use pre - made themes and incorporated it on my blog but nothing worked for me. I did a lot of remodeling and re - doing of my blog layout, I still can't find the prefect setup for me. Until I came across of Kim Patrick Delos Reyes' post about Nao Tech Inc. They cater on web services, including website development, e-commerce, web design, web applications, business solution, dashboard/business analytic, data warehousing paperless documents, payroll time in time out attendance, auto door lock system access, automation processes, website maintenance, web re-design, logo design and they also have other services like structures cabling and server set-up.

The person who assisted me was Kathleen Povadora, their web developer. She was very patient with all my requests (I have a lot of them, haha) about the layout. I gave her all the instructions and details regarding the matter and she was very good at it. She even gave me the preffered size that I can use for my blog photos so that it will have uniformity. As for my banner, she also gave the right dimensions that I can use for my blog in case I wanted to create my own. When the layout was done, I was completely satisfied with it and I now have all the elements I want to incorporate on my blog. The service was exemplary and wonderful.

About Naotech Inc.

Team of young experts dedicated to provided the best solution for you and your business from Japan and Philippines. Don't bother to contact us in case you need the experts!

Unit 3A Genesis Building, 182-A 19th Avenue, Brgy. East Rembo, Makati City, Philippines, 1216 (In front of Mater Dolorosa Parish)

+(63) 2 798 2168

For more info, please visit Naotech's site and Facebook page.


             At this time, I have a few running blog series here on my blog (Monthly favorites, Mixtape Mondays and #OOTD, etc.) and you can look for it on the lower left side of my blog. Plus, I've started a few new ones like "Hump Day Currently", "Top Ten Tuesdays", "Saturday Scribbles" and I have a few more in mind so stay tuned for them in the future.

I'd like to keep them that way, by series, so that it will be organized and easy for my readers to search for the topic they're interested in.


           Last July 10 - 11. My family and I went to our old home in Imus, Cavite to spend the night there and to celebrate my cousin's birthday.

          We spent the whole Saturday in Tagaytay. We went to Sky Ranch but we weren't able to get out of the car because it was raining hard at that time. We just decided to hit the mall instead. We went to Ayala Mall Serin. We dined at S & R and ordered a 4 cheese pizza and 5 orders of fries. When we're done, we stroll around and took pictures around the mall.

It was a well spent weekend with all my love ones. Looking forward for more of these in the future. :)

What have y’all been up to lately?
Tell me in the comments! :)


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