Weekend Getaway: Circle Island Resort

Summer has already ended, maybe not in your country but here in the Philippines, it did. Most schools (primarily public schools) have started their classes last June 1. What a bummer, am I right? But nothing can stop us from having that last getaway or "huling hirit sa tag-init" with our relatives, we also celebrated the 51st birthday of our beloved Aunt Che.

We arrived at the resort around nine o' clock in the morning and we rented a nipa hut to stay in during the day. The travel was very quick because the resort was near in our subdivision. It only took us 10 - 15 mins travel time from the subdivision to Circle Island Resort.

After we paid the entrance fee and other related fees inside the resort, we finally settled inside the nipa hut and arrange our food and stuff. My Dad made a fire so that we can start cooking the fish and mussels on the grill.

Of course, me being a kind and responsible daughter hahaha, I gave them a hand in preparing the food and setting up the table whilst waiting for the fish and the mussels to be cooked. Obviously, the kids have started exploring the different pools offered by the resort and did not bother waiting for the food.

After eating, the adults decided to join in and I can safely say that they really enjoyed swimming in the pool. We even played tag and took turns in the slide.

We checked out around 4:45 pm because the overnight guests are already arriving at that time and the lines in the shower were a bit long so we decided to rinse ourselves (thoroughly) back home.

It was a nice experience for my family and relatives.We will definitely be back soon (in case we felt the sudden urge to swim, again "wink"). Hehe.

Guest Experience: 8.5/10
Value for Moolah: 10/10
Brick and Mortar: 8/10
Aly's Verdict: 26.5/30

Where did you spent the final days of your summer?
Do share.


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