What's on my iPhone 5s? + Most Used Smartphone & Photo Editing Apps!

Today I thought I'd show you what's on my iPhone, the apps that I usually use, the games that I'm playing and some apps that I use in my everyday ramblings.

I got my iPhone 5s last December and until now I'm not having any issues with it (so it's a good thing). My old phone was a Samsung Galaxy Pocket and I'm really glad I made the switch. :) ♥ 

Take a look on what's inside my iPhone 5s:

The second page:

Wall Paper (Got it from Pinterest)
Lock screen

My Most Used Smartphone Apps
1. iMessage 
                        These two are my most used apps as I am using it for everyday communication. I can always call or message a friend or a relative even though I don't have cellular load. I only need Wi-Fi to use the apps freely. Of course, the iMessage only works if your friend also has an iPhone or an iPad because you will need an iCloud account to use it. unlike iMessage, Viber also works on android phones. It is convenient to use, plus you can communicate with other people in any parts of the world.

2. Viber

3. Instagram

It’s basically status updates but with photos. People post pictures of their food, recent travel, pets, children, outfits, pretty things, etc, etc. Sometimes it can get annoying because, hey, I don’t really care to see 200 photos of your half-naked, potty training toddler or your gaping wound, but for the most part it’s the bomb dig.  Get on Instagram.  Now. I'm alyssafrncsc.

4. Shazam

Have you ever driven in your car, heard a song on the radio (assuming you have a regular non-fancy radio display) and thought, “Gee, I really like this song.  I wonder who sings it.”  OR you’re watching TV and a song comes on a commercial and you wonder the same thing?  Shazam listens to the song and tells you the name of the song and who sings it.  Amazing!  It also gives you the option to read the lyrics to the song.  Pretty cool, huh?

5.  Nike + Running

I use this app for my fitness routine. I use this app for outdoor running or thread mill running. It records your time, the distance (in miles) and you can also set the music playlist that you are going to listen while running. It's pretty self explanatory. Nike + Running.

6. Waze

Waze is an app that is designed to share live traffic info with other drivers near you.  You can alert others on accidents, traffic jams, police and gas prices.  Waze will use the info to route you around saving you precious commuting time.  As you drive, you can see other Waze users around you, which is fun because the avatars are cute.  You start out as baby, but after wracking up points, you can choose your avatar. 

My Most Used Photo Editing Apps


VSCO cam is my most used photo editing app. It has basic filters that you can use to enhance your photos. If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice that most of my photos are edited on vsco and the remaining are unedited or not filtered.

2. PicsArt

I use this app for making photo collages. PicsArt is a very versatile app, you can edit photos with its built - in effects, make photo collages and it also offers a wide variety of tricks and ways to help enhance your photos to something more beautiful.

3. Squaready

I use this app for photos that are not square in shape, for them to be posted on Instagram.

4. Layout

This app is a photo collage maker. It's my second go to app whenever I make collages for Instagram.

5. Instasize Video

It's like squaready but for videos. You can use this app to post videos in its original size on Instagram without cropping the video.

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to brag or anything. I just wanted to show you guys the apps that I use on everyday basis. I hope it helped you in any way. :)

Do you use any of these apps?
What are your favorite apps?  Do share.


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