Weekend Getaway: Bahay ni Kuya Resort and Hotel

Last May 22 - 23, as a treat to our school staff and their family, we went to Bahay ni Kuya Resort and Hotel for an overnight swim. We arrived a little after 9 pm at the resort. The resort might be pretty hard to find if you don’t ask questions from locals, since the location is pretty far from the main road. We are 21 pax in total (kids included) and we brought our own car and borrowed another one from a family friend to fit us all.

During our stay, the resort is under construction. They are planning of expanding it to cater more people and guests. We stayed on the newly built pools and cottages along with the other guests for the night.

Dad's Arm with the resort stamp

One of the kiddie pools

Some of the outside cottages that can cater 10 - 15 pax, 20 - 25 pax respectively;

I don't know what it's called but I will just call it "The Bubble Pool" 

The Main Pool

Rocks x Slides

The cottage where we stayed most of the time

We also reserved a room to sleep in for the night and a place to keep all our valuable things while we swim..

A little tour of the resort: (daytime)

The Wave Pool (The one - of - a - kind sea-like waves was caused by that huge blue ball in the middle)

The other side of the resort where are private room was located;

Guest Experience: 10/10

          We really enjoyed our stay there. The staff were really nice and very accommodating. We loved the wave pool. it is very unique and one of a kind experience. Not your ordinary wave pool. We had a great time swimming and taking pictures.

Value For Moolah: 9/10

           The rates were affordable if you're on a tight budget. If you're planning to use their other amenities, they offer various packages to choose from. We only paid for our entrance fee (overnight rate), the cottage and the extra room. It was a pretty good deal.

Brick and Mortar: 8/10

            The resort was breathtakingly beautiful. Though some parts of the resort were under construction and renovation. The caretakers still manage to keep the place clean and beautiful. 

ALY's Verdict: 9/10

              All in all, I myself enjoyed the experience for I love swimming like a fat kid loves cake. I will definitely go back here and invite all my friends with me. Maybe after the whole construction and beautification of the resort. I do recommend it for people who wants to experience a vacation that feels like your own home.

About Bahay Ni Kuya Resort and Hotel

The closest getaway from Manila

Have that unique getaway accommodation and experience a vacation that feels like home, Bahay ni Kuya is an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing break from the pollution plagued urbanity of living in the city.

It boasts its unique location, this leisure destination was once a family rest house turned into a public place for relaxation, Located just minutes away from the city which is more accessible for those who want to avoid the stressful hours of travelling.

For more details:

124 Nia Rd., Ligas Malolos, Bulacan
Business Hours are from 6:00am to 8:00am
For inquiries and reservations please contact us (0919)9142088 or (0929)7929267

Makati Sales Office
Unit 2114 Guadalupe Mansion,
JP Rizal Extension,Makati City

You can email us directly at info@bahaynikuyaresort.ph

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