Travelogue: BAGUIO 2015

Last April 9 - 11, my mother together with some of our nanays in our church attended a WMU Convention in Baguio and my mother decided to tag us along (my younger brother and I) for a 3-day vacation. With all the summer heat we are all experiencing in  Manila, who can say no to that? :)

On our first day, we were dead tired from the 6 and a half hour trip going there so we weren't able to do much that day. Basically, my brother and I stayed in our room half of the time and later went out to explore the places nearby.

We stayed at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary, located at Tacay Road in Guisad, where the LSBWMU convention was held.

Each room can accommodate 4 - 5 pax and there are also cabinets available for storing luggage and other things such as toiletries, convention / seminar materials etc. The bed sheets and pillows are also provided which I thought was a good thing.


During our stay there, we weren't able to explore a lot of places in Baguio because our Mom was so busy attending and leading seminars for the WMU delegates, we don't have someone to accompany us to the places we'd like to see. Yes, I am basically an adult but still, I'm afraid to get lost in a place I'm not familiar with, please don't judge. HAHA

On our last day in Baguio, we got the chance to wander around Guisad where we bought most of our goodies to bring back home and we also had the chance to visit Burnham Park which is a few blocks away from where we are.

I can say this 3 - day stay in Baguio was a great head start for my summer! I can't wait to share with you guys my future adventures. That's all for now and I hope you enjoyed reading my post. God bless everyone! ♥


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