The Sleeper Has Awakened

It's been three months since I have posted on this blog and for that I am absolutely ashamed. I am so sorry for the lack of updates and for the unannounced hiatus but I have a good reason why I've been MIA for the past months.

I'm currently laying in my bed, listening to my HIMYM OST Playlist and I just thought, you know what, I want to write. I really want to extend my unplanned hiatus but I've been feeling that the words inside me are literally seeping through my fingers, begging to be typed and all.

Here's a few life updates:

1) I am now a Registered Medical Technologist

I've been busy with my review for the Medical Technology Board Exam and it was held at MLQU - Monzon Hall last March 11 and 12, 2015. I stopped blogging because I wanted to focus more on studying and preparing for the examination. The results were announced last March 17, 2015, after 3 working days.


I'm grateful to God for all the things He has given me, for being my guide all throughout my journey, if it wasn't for Him I won't be a RMT today. I will be forever grateful to Him for hearing my prayers.

(Tuned in for my #OOTD update for the Oath Taking. ;) )

This was my prayer before the board exam:

God, You know my desires, my dreams and my goals. You know my efforts and my struggles. Lord, only You can help me accomplish my goals. Only You who can help me go beyond the stars. You complete me and I know that You will never leave my side. Lord, I give You my heart. Take all that I am. Take my dreams and give them wings. What may seem impossible for me, is possible in Your hands. Only You who can help me overcome this task before me. I am casting all my cares upon You Lord. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

All the sleepless nights and all the binge coffee - drinking were all worth it. #RMT

2) I will be having my own STICKER SHOP on Facebook and Instagram.

Yes, you read it right! If you follow me on Instagram (@alyssafrncsc), you probably already now about my planner decorating addiction because I've been posting photos on how I decorate my BDJ planner. Because of the growing addiction, I created an Instagram account (@planwithyssa) just for my planner related posts. I don't want to flood my main account with all the planner related photos and other planner related stuff. Haha

Ms. Dar of @BDJBUZZ (the beautiful founder of the famous Belle De Jour Power Planner) featured two of my photos in her Instagram account. Some of her followers are interested with my sticker designs and asked me to give them updates regarding the shop. I'm so excited! :)

With all that being said, my sticker shop is still in progress and I planned to launch it on IG after my graduation and oath taking ceremonies this April. So prolly the best date to launch the shop will be on May. (The actual date will soon be announced on my IG account.)
I've been designing and creating my own sticker designs using the Adobe Photoshop for a few weeks now. I want my design to be originally made as much as possible so there won't be any problems (Copyright Issues) that may arise in the future.

3) I made the switch from an Android phone to a Good Smartphone. ♥

As for this update, you will need to wait for my next post because it will be all about my new phone. And I will also include my most used smartphone apps and photo editing apps that I use for editing my Instagram pictures. :)

I have a longggg (WAAAAYYY LONGGG) list of overdue posts so stay tuned for those in the future. ♥ I am still enjoying the non-blogging life, please bear with me but I assure you guys that I will be blogging more these coming days. There will also be some changes with the content of my blog for I will be posting some planner related stuff, everyday ramblings, travel diaries and I will try to give more reviews about my most used beauty products and fashion stuff.

That's all for now.

Stay Smiling! :)

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