I'm Back to Blogging!!

Hello everyone!

           I am now loafing around in my room with my lappie and coffee on the side. It’s been five months since the last time I posted here on my blog. I missed blogging so much and it feels good to write again. I’ve been busy with school works, thesis proposal, finishing internship requirements with tons of exams and quizzes alongside of it. (Yeah, the perks of being a medical technology student) Lots of things and changes happened in my life, schedules been crazy, but I’m finally feeling like me again. Nobody or nothing holding me back, I can just be myself.

I have lots of pending posts to share and I hope I can finish it on time so that I can post it right away. I am a bit sad because I missed a lot of events that I wasn’t able to attend to, like the BDJ Rendezvous and BDJ Beauty Social. Plus, I will be starting my clinical internship this April and I am looking forward to meet new friends and to experience great things that will help me grow as a person and improve my talents and skills related to my chosen career. I will be having hospital duties 6 days a week which includes 16 hours hospital duty during the night and a 5 hour seminar class, because of that I may not be able to attend future events and workshops. Bummer L

Also, I’ve been revamping my site for a few days now so expect there will be a few changes here in my humble abode. This time, I will not only write about beauty and fashion but also include about my travels, foods that I tried in a certain resto, product reviews (not related to beauty & fashion) and my everyday ramblings.

On the other hand, I also have a new lifestyle blog called “Keeping up with Yssa” (alyssafrancisco.wordpress.com), where I will be writing random posts, from my daily routines, room organization  / decoration ideas up to the most bizarre experiences that I have, and things like that.

I'll try to finish fixing my other blog so that I can start writing and posting things for you guys to read. :)
Back to my main blog, here is the list of the things that’s been on hiatus and I will try to post all of them as soon as possible since I’m in a 3 week vacation before my internship starts;

      1)      I’m back to blogging! (the one that you’re reading right now, hehe)
      2)      All the feels
      3)      #OOTD: Thesis Defense Attire
      4)       #OOTD: Saturdate with Bully buddies
      5)      Carnival Schmarnival

I will try to keep this blog and my other blog more updated now, promise! I hope I can find time to write despite of my busy schedule starting this “summer” (My kind of summer? It includes Hospital duties, Seminar, Reviews) Hahaha.

Thanks for reading, till my next post. J

PS.  Selfies in the laboratory. (Sorry for my bushy brows HAHA)
Lipstick Used: Nyx Matte Lip Cream in the shade ADDIS ABABA

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