Hi dolls! Another outfit of the day awaits you! J
As you all know, last October 13, I went to the BDJ Fair with my niece Julianne. I did a separate post about the BDJ Fair, you can read it HERE. It is a fun – filled charity event where the fair’s proceeds will be given to their chosen charity this year. It was a lot of fun attending the event and we really enjoyed the fun activities.

For this day, I wore a very girly outfit. As for my top, I wore my orange chiffon blouse and for my bottoms, I wore my black skater skirt. For my shoes I wore my black loafers. I accented my outfit with a necklace and some earrings. For my purse, a Louis Vuitton purse. (This purse was given to me by my mom’s friend, who just came home from US) J

That was it for my outfit of the day. Watch out for more outfits of the day posts in the future. Hope you liked it and talk to you guys soon! J

Yssa ♥

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